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The source and sale is made possible by : Arnold, Adry and Sylke van Ittersum

Concept and elaboration : Birthe Leemeijer

The long-term projects artist Birthe Leemeijer undertakes are done almost exclusively on location. Birthe actively seeks out meaningful collaborations with society’s many social layers in order to discover the essence and peculiarity of a place. By creating connections and entering unexpected relationships she challenges preconceived notions and disrupts how we think about a space. Nature and the value we attach to it plays an increasingly important role in all her work.

Perfume: Alessandro Gualtieri

Alessandro Gualtieri believes that it are our senses that are behind our decision-making. As such, through Nasomatto, he aims to create perfumes that would reinforce certain feelings to the wearer rather than a mere accessory. And it is through the unconventionality in his perfumery that allows such an effect which also earns him his effective reputation. and

Graphic design: Renate Boere

Renate Boere is a research based graphic designer for the cultural and social sector.
Studio Renate Boere has been initiating research projects with a focus on how to solve complex social questions through design since 2008. Over the past years, Studio Renate Boere has won several Dutch, European and International Design Awards.


The Essence Club:

The inhabitants of Polder Mastenbroek; Adry van Ittersum, Bert Kanis, Gerrie Knol, Hanna Knol, Wim Kok, Geesje Riezenbos , Gert Visscher, Alita van der Weert, Hennie Wup, Rie Wursten​

Made possible by:

This Project was commissioned in 2005 bij the province Overijssel, the municipality of Zwolle and Zwartewaterland and the Foundation for Art and Public Domain (SKOR). In 2012 The Mastbroek Polder Preservation Association commissioned a packaging redesign and a book about the project, which was financed by the National IJssel Delta Landscape

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